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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes Shelter in Place—a powerful tale of heart, heroism and propulsive suspense.

Within the walls of a tasteful, perfectly kept house in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, young Zane Bigelow feels like a prisoner of war. Strangers—and even Zane’s own aunt across the lake—see his parents as a successful surgeon and his stylish wife…

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Year One and Of Blood and Bone concludes her stunning trilogy that the New York Times Book Review praised as “A match for end-of-the-world classics like Stephen King’s The Stand.”

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the epic Year One returns with a new tale of terror and magick in a brand new world.



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23 hours ago

Nora Roberts

Loved this line from Duncan Swift's first sight of Phoebe MacNamara. And we're off on the High Noon discussion! ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Loved this line from Duncan Swifts first sight of Phoebe MacNamara.  And were off on the High Noon discussion! ~Laura

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Just finished reading it😊

One of my favorite books of all time. LOVE Duncan

Have re-read this book too many times to count! ❤️

Love Phoebe and Duncan! I just listened to this on audible last week. Great book!

Not only a great read, but also I thought it brought awareness of how crippling agoraphobia could be!!

Great read. I go back to this book 📖 a lot.

Love this book

I loved this book, read it twice probably will soon again!!!❤💞

I really enjoyed the High Noon book. Have read it many times and always find something new in it. Thanks!

I just finished listening to this one few weeks ago, as I travel to and from work. Then, as it was the first book which I had replaced after the house fire last year, I reread it. Duncan, Phoebe and family are great favorites.

One of my favorites!!

Reread time! It’s been a while

LOVE this book!!! So Yay!!!!

One of my favorites. Phoebe is one of my favorite characters. Her and Eve Dallas are sisters. No doubts. 😘

One of my absolute favorites!

That is an awesome way to describe seone at first glance

Love that book. Will have to pull it off the shelf again.

Couldn't remember if I'd read this so off to my library's online catalog to reserve it.

Great book.

Duncan is one of my favorite leading men from Nora, and she has some amazing ones.

Just finished a re-read of this book a little while ago. Even better than I remember!

This is a good story

Love this book. Reread half dozen times. First book, I think, I read talking about agoraphobia in any detail.

One of my favourites, love that description x

must read this again!

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4 days ago

Nora Roberts

Last quote from the trilogy! I thought having Mia realize she's part of a team was a good way to end. We start High Noon on Monday. ~Laura

Excellent catch on the first quote everyone. Some days it's tough to keep track. ~L
... See MoreSee Less

Last quote from the trilogy!  I thought having Mia realize shes part of a team was a good way to end.  We start High Noon on Monday.  ~Laura

Excellent catch on the first quote everyone.  Some days its tough to keep track. ~L

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Oops you accidentally put up the JD Robb quote

I think there may have been a bit of confusion. 😀

I thought my brain cell was playing tricks! 😂

Laura is checking to see if we're all awake. LOL.

🤔 ???


Good morning 😊

I was so confused. I’m actually reading face the fire for the umpteenth time, and I was like that a character in the in death series. 😂😂😂


I was like wait a minute lol


But wait, aren't Zach and Rip the sherrif and deputy? Who's the slick and who's the stud?

Much better ❤️

Just keeping us on our toes, Laura?😉

As an aside, I started reading along via library ebooks (easier on the old eyes) but had to finish with a paperback from my collection. I always try to buy the lovely French fold/deckle edge books for my in-house library. NR's are absolutely beautifully designed. There is an added pleasure holding a book that is so gorgeous. Thanks for that extra bit of joy.

I love this passage. So nice!!

I'm definitely going to have to re-read this amazing trilogy. Good thing I know exactly where the Nora books are in my home library. 🤣 Thanks, Laura! (And Nora)

I'm sad this re-read is ending...but looking forward to High Noon.

This trilogy is Nora Roberts not in death, you people are confusing me

Laura. You're not a machine. 🤗 Thanks for being human.👌 High Noon, here we come. 💙 I haven't reread it for a while so looking forward to it

My favourite quote in any of Nora’s books comes from the end of Face the Fire, when Mia stands on the cliff and shouts her last incantation: “On this night I rejoice and make my choice. He chooses me, and I choose him.” She flung out her arms bearing her heart. “This light no force has power to dim. My heart is his, and his for me. And this is our joined Destiny. My death I’d give for those to spare, for those I love all would I dare. 300 years to end this strife, by these words: I choose love.” She clamped her hand over Sam’s as he leapt up beside her: “I choose life.” It’s just the best!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Family is more than blood and this was an excellent way to show that. I dearly love this trilogy and read it every year or so

Loved this was my first trilogy of Nora's and still a fav

Yay Phoebe!!!! Also, loved that Sam did that!! 💖🥳🥳🥳

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4 days ago

Nora Roberts

Some of you may have already seen this, but it struck me as funny and I thought I'd share. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Some of you may have already seen this, but it struck me as funny and I thought Id share. ~Laura

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That's about right!!🤣🤣

Funny but true


Just reread it

Andrea Fear

It may be Shelter in p

I bought Shelter in Place back in March in honor of the sheltering we were all doing. Great book!

place forever.

Love it!

Love it!!!!!! 😂👏🏻

Reading shelter in place now. Great book

I thought her "Year One" was on point there for awhile

Jody Lehman Auberry 😂

Great book. Have already reread once and will again.

I think March should have been Year One. Totally felt like Nora called it the last little over a year when she created those books. Eerie.

I would scatter Under Currents in there also.


We've been showing our house to sell and I've kept my hardcover copy of Shelter in Place in my nightstand just for fun. 😉

Reading it now

I hope it won't be like this.

Obviously no one considered year one

Helen Margeotes Zuniga

I love it!!!

In January I bought this book in a bookstore in Sweden! I didn’t read this one on the plane . It’s been sitting on my coffee table ! Some kind of Omen !!??

ahahaahahaha that's a riot... love it

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